Agri View: Georgia Citrus Expanding Thanks to Research

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georgia citrus farmingEverett Griner talks about citrus farming and related research in Georgia expanding in today’s Agri View.

Georgia Citrus Expanding Thanks to Research

You know, many people thought that citrus business in Georgia was a temporary thing that would soon go away. They don’t think that anymore. Not with the research and the diversity and the growth that’s taking place. The research is in developing a variety that will do well. That research is well underway.

Citrus production doubled in 2017. It looks just as promising for this year. Already there is a growing amount of production of citrus byproducts. Look what it is doing for irrigation companies. Those who are already in citrus farming are expanding. One grower has doubled his acreage from last year. Most of the citrus is grown in the southern part of the state and along the coastal areas. That region has a milder climate.

It looks like Georgia farmers have done what they all do. They have found a new crop to grow.

That’s Agri View for today. I’m Everett Griner…