Conaway Comments on Trump Challenging India Market Practices

Dan Industry News Release, Trade

House Agriculture Chairman Mike Conaway says the Trump administration is holding India accountable in it’s latest trade move. The administration announced earlier a Word Trade Organization counter notification on India’s market price support for wheat and rice.

conawayIn applauding the effort, Conaway says India has been “funneling illegal farm subsidies into its agriculture industry for too long.” Conaway, along with the Trump administration, contend that India is under-reporting its market price support for wheat and rice. The U.S. says that India’s market price support for wheat and rice far exceeded its allowable levels of trade-distorting domestic support. Conaway says India is not the only country, however, harming U.S. agriculture. He says the global agricultural market is “awash with high and rising foreign subsidies, tariffs and trade barriers” that harm agriculture. As the Trump administration works to hold trading partners accountable, Conaway says Congress should do also stand up for farmers and ranchers by passing a strong new farm bill this year.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting News Service.