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Five Questions for Republicans Running for Florida Agriculture Commissioner: Part 2

Dan Florida

The three Republican candidates for Florida Agriculture Commissioner presented their views to approximately 200 attendees at a recent Candidate Summit Luncheon near Orlando. Coldwell Banker Commercial Saunders Real Estate organized and florida agriculturehosted the event in conjunction with its  10th annual Lay of the Land Conference, which draws a strong agricultural following.

This is the second part in a Q&A series of articles that will feature comments from the three candidates for Florida Agriculture Commissioner who attended the luncheon, including (in the order they spoke) Matt Caldwell, Denise Grimsley and Baxter Troutman.

Question 2: Florida is now the third most populous state in the nation and is projected for more major urban expansion in the coming decade and beyond. Florida also remains one of the nation’s leading agriculture producing states, even though most of the state’s residents don’t realize it. How do you plan to lead and protect agriculture in a state where candidates need urban sector votes to get elected?

Matt Caldwell Matt Caldwell question 2

Denise Grimsley Denise Grimsley question 2

Baxter Troutman Baxter Troutman question 2