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Pleased with New Georgia Cotton T-Shirts

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georgia cotton

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal accepts 100% Georgia Cotton T-Shirt from Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture Gary Black.

During a press conference Tuesday afternoon at the Georgia State Capitol, it was announced that a new line of cotton t-shirts, grown and sewn locally in Georgia, were now available. Georgia Cotton Commission’s Richey Seaton says they are very proud to be a part of it.

Pleased with New Georgia Cotton T-Shirts


The 100 percent Georgia Grown t-shirts are available for purchase online at For more information contact the Georgia Cotton Commission at 478-988-4235 or on the web at

Below is from Georgia Cotton Commission.

Governor Nathan Deal is Presented with a 100 Percent Georgia Grown Cotton T-shirt

Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture Gary W. Black presented Georgia State Governor Nathan Deal with a 100 percent Georgia Grown cotton t-shirt during a press conference held at the Georgia State Capitol on Tuesday, March 20.  The conference was held to announce a new line of Georgia Grown t-shirts grown and sewn locally in Georgia in partnership with the Georgia Cotton Commission, Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency and Georgia’s cotton farmers.

“With the largest row crop industry in this state being cotton, it is an honor to present 100 percent cotton shirts grown and sewn in Georgia,” said Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Gary W. Black. “We are thrilled to identify a transparent supply chain to produce a high quality, Georgia-made product that consumers will be proud to wear.”

The 100 percent cotton shirts are sourced from South Georgia and ginned at Osceola Cotton Company in Irwin County, Georgia. Platinum Sportswear receives the finished fabric and sews the shirts at their facility in Wilkes County, Georgia. The entire process is completed within a 600-mile radius.

Georgia Grown has partnered with local screen printers, including Georgia Industries for the Blind, to complete the design process for local businesses and organizations. All shirts are completely customizable and feature a 100 percent Georgia Grown cotton tag.

“With more than $73 billion in economic output each year, agribusiness is the largest industry here in the No. 1 state for business,” said Gov. Nathan Deal. “An important part of that industry, which is directly tied to this Georgia Grown project, is our cotton sector, as almost 20 percent of all American cotton comes from Georgia. With this project, we are recognizing the farmers, growers and raisers who are ultimately responsible for so much other business all along the farm-to-consumer supply chain and I am proud to stand alongside Commissioner Black in support of this campaign. All the best things are Georgia Grown, so I look forward to seeing these shirts on citizens across the state as we continue to be the No. 1 state for business and the best place to call home.”

Creating a supply chain that occurs in three different agrarian regions of Georgia has helped to rebuild Georgia’s textile manufacturing industry and brought revitalization to rural Georgia.

“We are so proud of the effects this supply chain has had on Georgia’s rural regions. Being able to establish a process that begins and ends in Georgia reiterates that Georgia is indeed Nature’s Favorite State,” Commissioner Gary W. Black said.

The 100 percent Georgia Grown t-shirts are available for purchase online at For information about wholesale pricing and orders, please contact Lesia Walker of Georgia Industries for the Blind at or 229-248-2666, ext. 305. For more information regarding the program, please contact Georgia Grown at 404-656-3680.