Agri View: Agriculture Problems

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problemsEverett Griner talks about birds can be added to the list of problems facing farmers along with insects and diseases in today’s Agri View.

Agriculture Problems

Well, no matter where you live you if you plant a crop you will have to fight bugs and diseases to raise it. Many crops attract other destructive creatures.

Texas has the Planthopper. A big problem with its rice crop.

White flies. A problem for Georgia’s leafy vegetables.

And, how long has Florida battled a disease that has caused growers millions of dollars. It is always bugs and disease.

Georgia blueberry farmers must protect their crops from birds.

Which reminds me. California has over a half-millions acres of rice. Their problem is migratory birds. Now, you can’t put a cover, or a net, over half-million acres. So, you do what?

You do the best you can and hope for success. That doesn’t promise a whole lot. But, hope is about all they have.

That’s Agri View for today. I’m Everett Griner…