Georgia Blueberry Growers to Vote on Continuation of Assessment for Market Order

Dan Fruits, Georgia, Industry News Release, Specialty Crops

Starting March 1, Georgia blueberry growers will have the opportunity to vote on renewing the grower assessment, which funds the Georgia Agriculture Commodity Commission for Blueberries. The georgia blueberryCommission is charged by law with providing programs of research, promotion and education on behalf of Georgia blueberry growers.

Most of the funds received by the Georgia Agriculture Commodity Commission for Blueberries are committed to research projects regarding issues related to blueberry production to provide growers with the latest information and production techniques. Some of the previously funded research projects included: Spotted Winged Drosophila, fruit quality, nutrition traits of varieties, development of varieties and disease management. The Georgia Agriculture Commodity Commission for Blueberries also funds projects for promotion of Georgia blueberries in various markets.

Voting by eligible blueberry growers who annually produce and market 2000 pounds or more of blueberries will take place from March 1 through March 30. Growers should receive a ballot in the mail. If a grower does not receive a ballot, please contact the Georgia Department of Agriculture in Atlanta: 404-586-1405. All ballots must be postmarked prior to midnight, March 30 to be counted.