Remember to Invest in Farm and Ranch Employees

Dan Industry News Release, Labor and Immigration

rememberWhen it comes to farming, it’s important to remember your number one assets. Forget about all the fantastic technology and equipment available for ag these days, focus on the most important cog in your business machinery, your people. As labor becomes harder and harder for growers to find, its important invest the time to develop a culture at your business that attracts and retains workers.

That’s the message from former Hard Rock International Executive and author, Jim Knight who told a Potato Expo audience it’s all about creating the best culture among your people.


Knight says we spend a lot of time developing our managers, but we can’t forget about our entry level workers.


Knight says retention is key.


Knight says if they don’t have the skill you need, you might have to teach them.


In the end, Knight says, it’s really worth it.


Knight says his ‘Culture that Rocks’ mentality is key in developing, maintaining or transforming workplace cultures to achieve exceptional and sustainable results.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting News Service.