Researchers Studying Feed-Carried Viruses

Dan Industry News Release, Livestock

virusesCould viruses be transferred around the globe by the import of feed stuffs from foreign countries? Dr. Scott Dee of the Pipestone Veterinary Clinic in Minnesota talks about a study carried out by Pipestone Veterinary Services, South Dakota State University and Kansas State University.


Prior to the last Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea outbreak in the U.S., it was seen in China, and Chinese Products were arriving in port. They started to connect the dots.


How long can a virus such as PED survive in feedstuffs? Dr. Dee Explains it’s longer than we think.


While the virus is not replicating, it’s able to survive in dormancy. However, it only seems to happen in certain types of food.


The idea of viruses being able to be transferred this way, is new.


This study is just the base. Stakeholders are just starting look at what their options are.


Again, that’s Dr. Scott Dee of the Pipestone Veterinary Clinic in Minnesota.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting News Service.