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Congressional Spending Fights Slowing New Farm Bill Progress

Dan Farm Bill, Industry News Release

congressionalCongressional spending fights are slowing the formal start of writing a new farm bill. Farm bill writers are unlikely to move ahead with formal work on a new farm bill until partisan fights over key spending issues are resolved. American Farm Bureau budget adviser R.J. Karney.


Once lawmakers can “check the box” on those issues, Karney says it will be a lot easier to start formal farm bill work. But, in the bigger picture, a government shutdown could make things a lot harder if the two parties fail to reach a deal by January 19th to extend spending.


Congress is already strapped for funds with last year’s passage of a revenue-reducing tax relief bill. The two-parties are now fighting over funding equity between defense and domestic programs, limited by 2011 spending caps.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting News Service.