Wood from Corn Stover

Dan Corn, Industry News Release

woodCorn Board Manufacturing Inc. is taking waste from the field and making wood for thousands of products. Lane Segerstrom, founder of the company, explains how the company turns corn stover to an added value product for farmers.


Based in Frisco, Texas, Corn Board Manufacturing is marketed as a sustainable company. The company is looking to expand to other areas, including Wisconsin.

The wood, manufactured from corn stover, can be treated like any real wood derived from a tree.


While other biomass products can be used, he says corn stover is the most abundant. Segerstrom explains the process of removing corn stover from the field.


He says by allowing Corn Board Manufacturing to bail corn stover, farmers are adding more value to their crop.


That’s with Lane Segerstrom, Founder of Corn Board Manufacturing.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting News Service.