Services are Available for Immigrant Laborers on American Dairy Farms

Dan Dairy, Industry News Release, Labor and Immigration

immigrantImmigrant labor is important to American agriculture, especially in the dairy industry. Dairy farmers across the country may not know that Mexican consulates in every state have services available to help their immigrant workers adjust to life in America. Monica Cruz of the Mexican Consulate in St. Paul, Minnesota, says there are a variety of ways employers and their employees can reach out


The consulates can offer a variety of social services if the need arises.


She says the consulates can also help employers make sure their employees are who they say they are


Cruz says the consulates can help to make sure a dairy farmer’s employees have “all their paperwork in order” to work legally in the U.S.

There’s a new program available for Mexican workers who wish to send money back to their families. The Mexican government is now allowing workers in the U.S. and abroad to open bank accounts in Mexico remotely. The advantage is their family members are now guaranteed to receive the money, which wasn’t always the case in recent years.