NCGA Encouraging Farmers to Fill Out USDA-NASS Surveys

Dan Corn, Industry News Release

ncgaThe National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) is urging farmers to spend the few minutes needed to fill out and return USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service Surveys. The surveys ask for crop-specific data and the results help USDA help farmers.

Steve Ebke, a Nebraska farmer and the current NCGA Risk Management Action Team Chairman, says it’s important that growers fill out the surveys, noting how the data is used for farm safety net programs.

The number of farmers returning the survey has declined in recent years, meaning some counties have incomplete data for safety net programs.

He says it takes little time to complete the surveys, and that the surveys can be easily completed after harvest.

Finally, Ebke reminds producers that the surveys are confidential and that your information will be protected.

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