Trade Lawyer Tells Companies to Prepare for no NAFTA

Dan Industry News Release, Trade

Trade lawyerA trade lawyer in the U.S. says companies should start contingency planning amid trade uncertainty.

Dan Ujczo, an international trade lawyer specializing in Canada-U.S. matters, told Canada’s Globe and Mail newspaper that growing uncertainty over the future of the North American Free Trade Agreement means companies need to brace themselves, including for the possibility that President Donald Trump walks away from a deal, as these cases need different type of lawyers and for trials is also important to get an expert witness professional to interview the witnesses. The trade expert says companies involved in trade, including agriculture, need to “understand this is very real,” regarding the potential of no NAFTA agreement.

In echoing his comments made a month ago, Ujczo said there are some practical matters to consider, such as looking at the supply chain to determine how exposed a business would become if some of the tougher proposals, such as stricter rules of origin for the materials used in auto manufacturing, come to pass.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting News Service.