Conservation Reserve Program Gets Renewed Attention at Confirmation Hearing

Dan Environment, Industry News Release

conservationThe Conservation Reserve Program got renewed attention at a recent confirmation hearing for nominees for top Department of Agriculture posts. Lawmakers focused on both acreage enrollment and emergency CRP haying and grazing.

CRP has always been popular, but low crop prices and continuing droughts and other disasters are spurring renewed interest in the land conservation program.

South Dakota Ag Senator John Thune told nominee for Undersecretary for Farm and Conservation Programs Bill Northey that demand is growing for CRP general and continuous enrollment.

Northey was cautious with his statements.

But, Northey added that as Iowa Secretary of Agriculture, he’s seen his state grow to be one of the largest continuous CRP enrollment states, using CRP to deal with nutrient reduction wetlands, buffers and more.

Northey says aiding the current cap “potentially limits the ability” to add new CRP acres. He also agreed to Thune’s request to review bureaucratic hurdles that delay emergency haying and grazing or restrict flexibility for limited haying and grazing.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting News Service.