weekly livestock market report

Weekly Livestock Market Report

Dan Alabama, Cattle, Florida, Georgia

livestock market report alabama georgia***Due to Hurricane Irma, the livestock markets in Florida were closed this past week, while many of the markets in Georgia were also closed. Due to that, reports for those two states are not available. We do have a report from Alabama, but some markets in that state were also closed this week.

Here is the Alabama livestock market report for the week ended September 15, 2017, compiled by the Livestock Market News Service for Alabama.

AL Livestock Market Report:

At Alabama Livestock Auctions for the week ended September 15, 2017, receipts at 21 markets totaled an estimated 6,500 head compared to 14,375 last week and 17,386 a year ago. Compared to one week ago: Slaughter cows and bulls sold steady to 2.00 higher. All Feeder classes sold mostly 3.00 to 6.00 higher. Trade active, with good demand on feeders.

Due to Hurricane Irma, some markets were closed this week.

Feeder Steers: Medium and Large Frame 1-2
300-400 lbs*****170.00-194.00
400-500 lbs*****145.00-175.00
500-600 lbs*****132.00-153.00
600-700 lbs*****129.00-140.00

Feeder Heifers: Medium and Large Frame 1-2
300-400 lbs*****138.00-158.00
400-500 lbs*****124.00-147.00
500-600 lbs*****117.00-135.00
600-700 lbs*****108.00-128.00

Slaughter Cows: Boning 80-85 Percent Lean 850-1200 lbs*****62.00-67.00
Lean 85-90 Percent Lean 850-1200 lbs*****55.00-60.00
Slaughter Bulls: Yield Grade 1 1500-2100 lbs*****89.00-94.00