Hurricane Irma Affects Southeast Agriculture

Taylor Hillman Weather

While Hurricane Irma released its fury on agricultural areas throughout the peninsula of Florida, it continues to work its way through Georgia and parts of Alabama with strong tropical force winds and rain today. Needless to say agriculture, no matter what the crop, has been and will be affected. Here is U.S. Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue.

09-11-17 Hurricane Irma Affects Southeast Agriculture

Hurricane Irma AffectsWhile in many cases it is way too early to assess the damage, folks in some areas have started that process and will be working to do so as the week goes by. Many farms and agribusiness have been severely impacted and damage estimates will most likely be very high. Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture Gary Black told Southeast AgNet that while various crops in his state are being affected, some early reports indicate a lot of pecans are down, and in some cases, trees have been lost. So as the week progresses, we’ll have more reports on how agriculture across the Southeast has been affected by Hurricane Irma.