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National Acorn Squash Day

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national acorn squashCathy Isom tells you about a national food holiday for one hardy vegetable that will have you thinking about winter. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.



Winter is still several months away, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream about it a little. And, also celebrate a vegetable that is considered a winter squash.

Today is National Acorn Squash Day and is observed annually on September 7th. This day celebrates the food holiday of a winter squash that is also known to some as a pepper squash.

Even though it is considered a winter squash, acorn squash belongs to the same species as all summer squashes including zucchini and yellow crookneck squash. The acorn squash that is dark green, often with a splotch of orange on its side or top, is the most common variety. However, there are newer varieties including the Golden Acorn and the White Acorn.

The shape of the squash resembles that of its name, an acorn. They usually weigh between one to two pounds and are generally between four and seven inches long. Acorn squash is a hardy squash that keeps for several months when stored in a cool, dry location.

There are so many ways to prepare acorn squash. It can be baked, microwaved, sautéed or steamed. It is often stuffed with rice, meat, cheeses or vegetable mixtures. And. the seeds of the squash can be toasted much like pumpkin seeds.

Acorn squash is a good source of dietary fiber and potassium and also has some vitamin C and B, magnesium and manganese.

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