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Cotton Incorporated Allocates Additional Funds for Cottonseed Marketing Campaign

Dan Cotton, Dairy, Industry News Release

An Additional $100,000 Devoted to Increasing Demand for Cottonseed in the Dairy Feeding Industry

cottonseed marketingDuring its annual meeting in Durham, North Carolina, The Cotton Board reviewed and voted to approve a $100,000 increase to Cotton Incorporated’s 2017 Cottonseed Marketing budget line. The original cottonseed research and marketing budget of $600,000 is increased to $700,000 to fund additional cottonseed marketing efforts intended to help offset decreased prices for cottonseed.

“With the large crop this year and the closing of a couple of oil mills, there is a dire need to create demand for cottonseed in the dairy feed industry.  The goal is to stimulate increased demand to help stabilize the price and prevent any further decline,” said Tom Wedegaertner, director of cottonseed research and marketing for Cotton Incorporated.

cottonseed marketingThe additional cottonseed marketing funds for 2017 will primarily be used to advertise the benefits of nutrient-rich, whole cottonseed as a feedstuff for dairy cattle. The marketing campaign will run this fall. About two-thirds of the supplemental funds will be used to place print ads and the remaining funds will be used for radio advertising and public relations.

“I am very proud of Cotton Incorporated’s adaptability with their budget and their foresight on this cottonseed issue. This additional marketing effort comes at a critical time in the 2017 marketing year.  Cotton Incorporated is committed to finding ways to increase cotton producers’ profitability,” said George LaCour Jr., Louisiana cotton producer and chairman of The Cotton Board.

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