Similar Yields Expected for Georgia Corn Crop

Dan Corn, Georgia

georgia corn cropAccording to information provided by University of Georgia Cooperative Extension agronomists, yields for the 2017 Georgia corn crop should be similar to previous years. They predict that yields from irrigated acres will be actually lower than normal, while yields from dryland acres are expected to be better than normal.

According to UGA Extension’s new corn, soybean and small grains agronomist, Reagan Noland, “Georgia has experienced a relatively rainy growing season with consistent cloud coverage this summer.”

In an article from Clint Thompson, news editor with the University of Georgia’s College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences based in Tifton, Noland notes, “While the reduction in sunshine reaching the crop canopy is going to have a negative impact on irrigated fields, the greater-than-normal rainfall will benefit dryland corn yields.”

He said, “Post-harvest management may involve additional drying to ensure the grain is dry enough for storage and may require the use of pesticides in the bin to maintain grain quality.”

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