Agri View: Beef Import and Export

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beef importEverett Griner talks about the beef import and export business in today’s Agri View.




Beef is still the most popular meat on the American dinner plate. Maybe that is because we raise more cows than any other country. We also export more beef than anybody.

The cattle industry is one of the largest segments of American agriculture. So, it is safe to assume that big hunk of pot roast or that T-bone steak, just off the grill, staring you in the face, came from a Texas ranch, or a Nebraska beef lot. Well, don’t bet on it.

We export a lot of beef. But, we import a lot of beef too. We import beef from Australia. We also import beef from Argentina, Brazil, Canada, and Mexico. So, there is no guarantee where that hunk of beef came from.

It is how it is raised and processed that makes a difference in the taste. Not where. But, we would all be happier if we knew it came from a Texas ranch.

That’s Agri View for today. I’m Everett Griner…

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