Webcast Outlines Proper Cleaning Procedures for Sprayer Systems

Dan Cotton, Industry News Release

sprayer systemsInadequate or improper cleaning of sprayer systems can often cause contamination issues and costly damage to plant foliage.

A new Focus on Cotton webcast titled “Tank Cleaning” helps cotton growers, consultants, and other industry experts properly remove all unwanted residue from equipment and prevent the unintentional introduction of herbicides to sensitive or non-labeled cotton crops.

This 29-minute talk by Fred Whitford, Clinical Engagement Professor at Purdue University, provides information that helps users:

  • Thoroughly check sprayer systems for herbicide residue
  • Avoid common cleaning mistakes and residue build-up
  • Develop a comprehensive step-by-step clean-out procedure

This presentation is freely available through the ‘Focus on Cotton’ webcast resource located at the Plant Management Network.

‘Focus on Cotton’ contains over 50 webcasts on various aspects of cotton crop management. These talks–accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week–cover agronomic practices, crop protection, and ag engineering.

The site also features Cotton Cultivated, a new resource from Cotton Incorporated that helps users quickly find the most current cotton production information available.

These and other resources are freely available courtesy of Cotton Incorporated at http://www.plantmanagementnetwork.org/foco.

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