florida cattle drive

Great Florida Cattle Drive ’21

Dan Cattle, Florida

great florida cattle driveThe Great Florida Cattle Drive is known as a project that celebrates Florida’s rich history as a cattle state. The last cattle drive took place in January of 2016, and while they are normally held every 10 years, Chairman Doyle Conner Jr. says the next one will be in 2021.

More shots from the Great Florida Cattle Drive 2016.

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“The Great Florida Cattle Drive is really an educational effort to remind people… that for 500 years, the cattle industry has been a vibrant, vital part of Florida’s economy, our heritage and our lifestyle.”

— Adam Putnam, Commissioner of Agriculture
Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services


“If you have an interest in Florida’s cow culture and riding horses, the cow-hunting lifestyle, open your heart and open your mind to what is going on here. It’ll be a delightful experience.”

— Doyle Conner Jr., Chairman
Florida Cow Culture Preservation Committee

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