Ag Industry Provides Testimony on NAFTA

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Dairy, poultry, grains, oilseeds and produce industry leaders told House Ag lawmakers this week that NAFTA modernization talks with Canada and Mexico should “do no harm” to their sectors, but only improve trade opportunities. ‘Preserve what’s working…strengthen what can be better…and fix what’s broken’ was the message from former USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack, now president and CEO of the US Dairy Export Council.

But Canada has recently given the U.S. dairy producers heartburn.

Oilseed and poultry industry leaders also cited big NAFTA gains, while the produce industry called for fixes to Mexican dumping of subsidized produce exports on the U.S. market.

But all agreed, the negotiations to start next month could be tricky. Vilsack suggested Mexico may already be playing the U.S. off of the EU, suggesting to each side Mexico can get a better deal with the other by concluding those talks, first.

(From the National Association of Farm Broadcasters)

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