Agri View: Transporting Crops

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transporting cropsEverett Griner talks about how transporting crops has changed in today’s Agri View.

Growing food and fiber on our farms is one thing. Getting it to consumers is another. It is a system that is nothing like it was one hundred years ago.

In its early days, the railroad moved almost everything that was produced in volume. It was the farmer’s responsibility to grow it and get it to town. Well, why not? Our highway system would not bear the traffic which is common in today’s world. But, railroad transportation rates were costly.

Farmers were among the first volume producers to turn to trucks. Another factor which was important. Trains carried from station to station. Trucks could deliver right to the warehouse. And, make no mistake, truck traffic has had a lot to do with our modern highway system. Even our interstate system. If you need winch trucks for your farming business, you may look into local Winch Sales to explore your options. In addition, you may look for a local auto shop that offers a truck brake system service and other truck maintenance and repairs like automobile engine repair. Those who would like to build a career in the trucking industry may take driving lessons from truck driving schools to help them earn their license and permits.

Our railroad system, as we knew it back in those days, does not exist today.

That’s Agri View for today. I’m Everett Griner…

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