Florida FFA Elects New State Officer Board

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(From left to right) Kyle Garner, Kaylin Kleckner, Arie Fry, Taylor Proctor, Robbie Sistrunk, Mitchell Singleton.

The recent Florida FFA Convention drew in nearly 5,000 Florida FFA members. The members and their advisors attended educational sessions, a trade show and they said farewell to the 2016-2017 State Officer board. On the last day of the convention the 2017-2018 state officers were elected.

The race for the 2017-2018 State President fell in favor of Kyle Garner from South Lake, who began his time in the Florida FFA about seven years ago when he was in 6th grade. “When I walked into that agriculture class, I knew I was home,” he says. Garner adds that the FFA has taught him valuable leadership skills that he can apply in different aspects of his life. “Over time I’ve continued to grow as a leader in the agriculture industry, but also in my home and community because of the leadership skills I’ve learned from the FFA,” Garner says.

Garner says he is most looking forward to learning about different facets of Florida agriculture and networking within the industry during his reign as the Florida FFA State President.

Garner’s former running mate, Kaylin Kleckner, is now the 2017-2018 Florida FFA State Secretary. Kleckner has also been a member of the Florida FFA for about seven years. Her favorite part about the association is the people. “If it wasn’t for the FFA, I wouldn’t be able to have friends all across the country, as well as all across the state of Florida,” Kleckner says. Although she did not win the presidency, she says she is looking forward to being a part of such a cohesive team as the State Secretary.

The new state officer board will attend a leadership program for their first month to prepare for the busy year ahead of them. After that, they will begin their work within the agriculture industry starting with the 2017 Citrus Expo on August 16-17. State President Garner is especially excited for the Expo. When asked, “What’s the first thing you will do as the new president?” Garner replied with, “Go to the Citrus Expo!”

The 2017-2018 state officers were elected on Friday, June 16. Other members of the board include Mitchell Singleton as Area 1 Vice President, Robbie Sistrunk as Area 2 Vice President, Taylor Proctor as Area 3 Vice President and Arie Fry as Area 5 Vice President.

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