Edible Plants That Are Easy to Grow

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plantsThere are the plants that come back year after year without the gardener, or farmer, having to do much more than harvest the food. The other trick is to choose annual plants that grow well on their own and possibly even plant themselves for the next go round. Cathy Isom tells you about some of the best plants that are easy-going and easy-growing in your garden. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

If you’ve ever wanted to grow many things in your garden in abundance, but with very little effort, you’re in luck This is probably great for too for anyone starting a garden for the first time.

Here are some of the easiest plants to grow. And why you won’t have to do much more than waiting for them to grow so you can pick them and eat them.

Arugula. Once it is sewn into the ground or a planter you never have to replant because it’s a self-seeder.

Snap peas. This fast-growing vegetable also needs no attention and will be ready to eat in a few short months. Same for green beans, or any other beans, for that matter.

Even faster to sprout up in your garden, and with very little work, is the radish.

Tomatoes are really easy, too. The smaller varieties, such as grape tomatoes, are even less of a bother because they mature faster than the bigger guys.

When it comes to easy gardening, chives are probably known as one the least complicated. Garlic, thyme, and mint also have great reputations for giving you little grief in growing.

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