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Georgia Beef Producers Approve Renewal of Assessment

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georgia beef producersLast month, Georgia beef producers took part in a vote concerning the renewal of the Georgia Agriculture Commodity Commission for Beef. And according to the Georgia Department of Agriculture, producers approved the renewal of the $1-per-head assessment. Georgia Beef Board’s Executive Vice President, Will Bentley, says this is good news for the state’s beef industry.



From Georgia Department of Agriculture

Georgia Beef Producers Overwhelming Approve Continuation of Georgia Beef Commission Check-Off

Georgia beef producersGeorgia beef producers overwhelmingly voted to continue the $1 per head assessment for beef animals through the renewal of the Beef Commission Marketing Order.  The vote to support the Georgia Agriculture Commodity Commission for Beef was approved with an 80.7 percent favorable vote of the ballots returned.

The marketing order was first approved in 2014 and requires an assessment to be collected on all animals sold for beef in Georgia with a value of more than $100.  The marketing order must be voted on every three years for continuation.

Funds from the assessment are used to fund research, education and promotion projects for Georgia cattle producers. In the three years since the assessment began, over $1 million has been committed to research projects with the University of Georgia and in-state education and promotion efforts focusing on nutritional qualities of beef.

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