Education Funding Struggles in Florida Session

Randall Weiseman Legislative

The Florida Legislature is meeting for a special session June 7–10 to resolve funding that was not agreed upon during the regular 2017 session. The funding issues include dollars toward the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) as well as the Florida 4-H program, which Governor Rick Scott vetoed during the regular session.

The Florida 4-H program reaches over 200,000 Florida youth with programs that promote positive youth development. Chris Decubellis, an associate state program leader for 4-H youth development, says these programs encourage bright futures for Florida youth.

There may be some hope for Florida 4-H funding during the special session. A recent memo from Senator Joe Negron eluded to the possibility of legislators discussing overriding the governor’s veto. Adam Basford, director of state legislative affairs for the Florida Farm Bureau, is not optimistic about a possible reversal of the veto. However, he hopes something can be done to fund the program.

Decubellis and Ruth Borger, assistant vice president of communications for UF/IFAS, encourage those who are concerned with the budget cut to reach out to their state representatives and express that concern.

Hear the details:

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