palmer amaranth

Agri View: Controlling Palmer Amaranth, or Pigweed

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palmer amaranth


Everett Griner talks about the trials and tribulations producers are having controlling Palmer Amaranth, or Pigweed in today’s Agri View.


One of the biggest and costliest problems in producing a crop is controlling weeds. They are all getting harder to kill. Some worse than others. Pigweeds. The genetic name for it, of course, is Palmer Amaranth. I believe it is the same plant we used to call the Carless Briar. It certainly looks like it. The genetics has changed. Nothing seems to kill it. Nothing but a hoe, shovel, and to burn it. Fire is important because a single pigweed plant can produce thousands and thousands of seed. That is why it is necessary to control the weed before it reaches maturity. It is also why it is important to dig it up and burn it before it reaches maturity. Controlling pigweed is important on the part of every farmer. Not just a few. Until an effective chemical to control it comes along.

That’s Agri View for today. I’m Everett Griner…

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