UF/IFAS Budget Affected by Gov. Scott’s Veto Pen

Dan Education, Industry News Release

According to a release from Sydney Stone, legislative assistant for the University of Florida/IFAS Governmental Affairs, while the governor’s veto list included a huge hit to the K-12 and higher education budget, 14 UF/IFAS projects, most of which were existing – not new projects — were saved.

(from Sydney Stone)

We want to send out a big, huge, thank-you to all of you who supported IFAS during this veto process!

The governor’s veto list was released today.  There were over $400 million in cuts to the budget and K-12 and higher education took a huge hit, including IFAS.  Fortunately, out of 14 UF/IFAS projects, most of which were existing – not new projects — we were able to save:

  • Animal Agriculture Science Research
  • Cervidae Research
  • Florida Shellfish
  • Center for Landscape Ecology
  • Forestry Education
  • Statewide Water Budget Data Analytics
  • BMP Water Quality/Quantity Research (new funds)

However, the K-12 and higher education took huge losses including IFAS so, unfortunately, we lost:

  • 4-H State Funding
  • FL Horticulture Research, Science, & Education
  • Tropical Aquaculture Lab
  • FL Agriculture Initiative
  • Bok Tower Educational Initiative
  • Geomatics Education
  • Tropical Research & Education Center Upgrades (new funds)

For the many of you who are waiting to hear about 4-H, it is important to note that the state funding is only one source of funding for the 4-H program and the loss of these resources will certainly not be the end of 4-H.  With the loss of these resources, we will face some significant challenges, which will include a reduction in the amount of students we can serveBut, with your help, we commit to working to build the program back up and even stronger.

We would like to thank the industry groups, the 4-H students, parents, and volunteers and others who have an interest in UF/IFAS, for your continued grassroots support.

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