Avoiding Mistakes in Lawn Care

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mistakesContinuing with lawn care, Cathy Isom fills us in on how to avoid the two biggest mistakes when it comes to lawn care this spring. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Two of the biggest mistakes made in lawn care, this time of the year, are mowing too low and also not mowing often enough. Warmer temperatures may not be favorable for yard work, especially when it’s hot and humid. But those warmer days mean the grass is growing quickly. So it’s best to mow the yard as often as possible, to avoid any citation from the city, county or your respective homeowners association. Use the one-third rule when you mow, which means no shorter than a third of its current height. And always keep the mower blade sharp. Otherwise, the canopy may turn brown, and you increase the risk of spreading disease. Also, keep in mind grass that sits in the shade of a tree. Due to the limited light reaching the canopy of the lawn, it will perform better if maintained at a higher height of cut. Consider raising the height of cut in shaded areas of your lawn by half an inch compared to the rest of your yard, to give the lawn access to more light for photosynthesis.

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