Weeds, Weeds, Control Those Weeds

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One of the most important lawn and garden chores when preparing our lawn for the spring and summer, is weed control.

….because we have a lot of spring blooming weeds like dandelions, hen bit, chickweed, throughout the country. And then we also need to think about preparing our lawn for the weeds of summer that will be coming later.  

control weedsThat’s Kansas State University Extension Lawn and Garden Expert Dennis Patton who says it would have been better to take care of the broadleaf weeds back in the fall. But it’s not too late. And while we might be thinking to reach for the common weed control sprays, Patton says that’s not always the best solution because…

because they drift really easily into the breeze and they can damage non-target plants.  So, it affects the redbud trees, the tomatoes that got planted in the spring, grapevines. Any of the trees will see a lot of curling and puckering in the foliage because of the drift of the herbicide in the atmosphere.  

So if you have to spray, it’s better to just spot spray.

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