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You want to produce the most from your crop whether you are gardening or farming. Cathy Isom has information on why cover crops are important for our backyard gardens. That’s coming up on This Land of ours.

A cover crop is any plant grown for the purpose of improving the soil. Cover crops are used in many gardens and farming operations.

Seeds are planted at the end of the summer after the harvest and before cold weather sets in. It’s a practice that has been around since the early 1900’s.

Also called green manure, cover crops effectively nourish the soil, while adding protection from unwanted weeds, pests and disease.

Easy to plant and requiring very little care, cover crops are grains, grasses, or legumes that will grow during fall and winter and that you plow, spade or till under in the spring.

Cover crops are also good for attracting bees and other pollinators when the cover crops start to flower in late winter and early spring.

It’s important to cut down cover crops before they go to seed, otherwise they’re likely to pop up again, this time like weeds.

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