Georgia Corn Producers Voting on Continuation of Assessment for Market Order

Dan Corn, Georgia

Georgia cornGeorgia corn producers have the opportunity to vote on renewing the grower assessment, which funds the Georgia Corn Commission.  The current assessment is set at 1 cent per bushel. According to a release from the Georgia Department of Agriculture, the Commission is charged by law with providing programs of research, promotion and education on behalf of Georgia corn producers. Voting by eligible corn producers is taking place now through March 30th.

Most of the funds received by the Georgia Corn Commission are committed to research projects conducted by the University of Georgia and Agriculture Research/USDA regarding issues related to corn production to provide producers with the latest information and production techniques.  In 2016, the Georgia Corn Commission funded $380,000 to the University of Georgia and USDA projects for research, education and promotion of corn for Georgia farmers.  Some of the research projects funded included: diseases such as rust; leaf blights; insect control; aflatoxin; new varieties; water utilization; irrigation management; nematode control programs; fertility studies and variety trials.  In addition to research efforts, education and promotion projects included the Corn Short Course and Corn Production Guide for Georgia.

In 2016, Georgia corn farmers planted approximately 400,000 acres of corn which was utilized for poultry and livestock feed, dairy farm corn silage and ethanol production for fuel.  It is also a significant economic contributor to local corn growing communities.

But again, eligible corn producers have until March 30th to vote.  Growers should have received a voting ballot in the mail and must sign the back of the envelope for it to be valid.  Any unsigned ballot envelopes will not be counted.  If a grower did not receive a ballot, please contact the Georgia Corn Commission or the Georgia Department of Agriculture in Atlanta at 404-586-1405.