Wildfire Relief Fund

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A catastrophe of dire measure has struck our friends to the west as wildfires have swept across the Texas Panhandle, Oklahoma, Kansas and Colorado since the early morning hours of Monday, March 6. Over 1 million acres have burned leaving 500,000+ acres in Texas, 833,000+ acres in Oklahoma, 630,000+ acres in Kansas and 35,000+ acres in Colorado scorched and barren. Thousands, if not tens-of-thousands, of cattle have fallen victim to the raging wildfires that were fueled by 60 mph winds, and a known seven people have lost their lives. Thousands have lost homes, fences, barns, hay…entire homesteads…in a matter of hours.

The Alabama Cattlemen’s Association has a long history of offering relief to cattle producers who have experienced catastrophe. Cattlemen helping cattlemen is a story known all too well by Alabama beef cattle producers who have been on the receiving end of generous donations during times of devastation in our own home state. That is why the Alabama Cattlemen’s Foundation has opened a Wildfire Relief Fund to raise money that will be donated to disaster relief efforts in the affected states.

Those interested in making a contribution can do so online at www.bamabeef.org/wildfirerelief or by mailing a check to:

Alabama Cattlemen’s Foundation- Wildfire Relief Fund
201 South Bainbridge Street
Montgomery, AL 36104

Remember to keep these ranch families in your prayers.

Images courtesy of Alabama Cattlemen’s Association.