El Nino May Yet Show Up in 2017

Taylor Hillman Industry News Release, Weather

El NinoTropical waters in the Pacific Ocean are said to be warming at an increasingly substantial rate, leading some to believe the time it will take for another round of El Nino appears to be getting shorter and shorter.

A CattleNetwork.com article notes that El Nino typically appears every two to seven years. Weather forecasters have been looking at the potential of a return of El Nino for a couple of months. El Nino is associated with warmer than normal sea surface temperatures in the equatorial Pacific Ocean. The phenomenon is known to bring turbulent weather to certain parts of the world and beautiful crop growing weather to other parts of the globe. Some of the more notable impacts include drought in southeast Asia and heavy rains with erosion along the Pacific coasts of North and South America. The cooler temps in the equatorial Pacific bring on a La Nina phenomenon, which experts say just wrapped up a six-month run as cooler Pacific waters along the equator have all but disappeared. This month is the firs time that the International Research Institute and the U.S. Climate Prediction Center say El Nino is the more favored weather scenario over neutral or La Nina Conditions.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting news service.