Dow / DuPont Deal on Track in E.U.; Chem China / Syngenta Extended

Dan Industry News Release

dow dupont-mergerA Dow Jones report says the Dow and DuPont merger deal looks good for regulatory approval from European Union regulators. People familiar with the deal tell Dow Jones that the deal looks to be on track because the companies offered to sell some of their businesses to ease antitrust concerns. The European Commission is the E.U.’s antitrust watchdog, and they appear to be ready to approve the deal after the companies offered their remedies. However, people ChemChina Syngenta attorney generalmonitoring the deal also say the decision isn’t necessarily completed and some aspects of the deal could change. Another Dow Jones report says ChemChina extended its $43 billion offer for Syngenta to April 28 as it still looks for regulatory approval of the merger. The Chinese state-owned company issued a statement this week saying all other terms and conditions of the offer remain the same. China is pushing to step up scrutiny of the deal in a bid to curb capital outflow, and E.U. regulators have also asked for more information about the pending merger.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting news service.