Japan Hesitant to Invite China into TPP

Dan Industry News Release, Trade

japan china trade
Japan isn’t enthusiastic about inviting China into a pacific-rim trade deal abandoned by the U.S.A., fearing increased clout from Beijing and loosening the standards on what it calls “the gold standard for trade rules.” Government officials don’t appear in a hurry to begin two-way trade talks with Washington, although some officials said they can’t rule it out. The Japanese Prime Minister said he won’t comment on trade talks with the U.S. until President Trump’s cabinet has been chosen and eventual policies become clearer. Australia and New Zealand said they hope to save the Trans-Pacific Partnership by asking China and other countries to join in. Chile has invited the ministers from TPP countries, along with China and South Korea, to a summit in March to discuss how the deal can move forward, which won’t happen after U.S. withdrawal without changing the rules of the deal.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting news service.