Fresh Winter Produce

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fresh organic produce
Cathy Isom has some tips on how to have fresh organic produce during the winter months. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

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Shopping for good produce in the wintertime can be a bit of a challenge, and can also hit your pocketbook if you’re not careful. Organic produce prices tend to go fresh organic produceup, and many of your favorites may be hard to find. To get the most for your money, do your research and buy foods that are in season while avoiding those that may be imported or treated with pesticides. Check to see if there is a winter farmer’s market near you. Or consider joining a Community Supported Agriculture, or C.S.A., where members pay a fee and share a portion of the produce that’s grown. You might even discover fruits and veggies you’d never tried before. If not this winter, you might consider starting, and growing, a winter garden for next year. Some winter garden favorites include kale, spinach and beets. These can even be grown indoors in containers.

And lastly, once you get your produce home know how to store it properly to avoid any waste.