Trump Ban on Lobbyists Counter Productive

Dan Industry News Release

The incoming Donald Trump administration has a ban in place preventing lobbyists from working in the administration. Chris Novak, National Corn Growers Association CEO, says that’s going to present challenges. Novak tells Brownfield that lobbyists are important because they know the in’s and outs of Washington and how it works to get things passed. He says, “It’s simply a lot of missing expertise that will make it more challenging for the Trump administration to succeed.” Novak says Trump will need people that know how to build consensus to get things done because of the slight majorities that Republicans hold in the new Congress. “The Republicans do have a 58 to 42 majority in the Senate,” said Novak, “but with the new filibuster laws, sometimes it takes 60 votes to get things done. That means President-elect Trump is going to have to work with Democrats. That’s going to mean negotiation and compromise.”

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting news service.