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growing companies
Everett Griner talks about big companies growing bigger in today’s Agri View.

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There has been considerable news in the agriculture world recently about mergers of some of our largest biotechnology firms. Most of what I have read is about how big the companies would be after the considered merger. Now comes a report from a major Southwestern agriculture university that tells another story. Their contention is, these mergers will lead to significantly higher prices farmers would have to pay for seed. The report didn’t mention other crop inputs. You know fertilizer, pesticides and insecticides. But what if the seed companies should merge with agriculture chemical groups. Some see this as a normal move. The bottom line is these consolidations will lead to higher prices consumers will pay for food. There is another point to consider. These big companies grow into giants, there will be no place for the little guy. What then?

That’s Agri View for today. I’m Everett Griner.