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food inspection
Everett Griner talks about food inspection service needing improvement in today’s Agri View.

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You know most of us seldom stop to think about how important food safety is. We all strive to prepare and serve our families safe and healthy food. But when have you given thought of the many government programs that give us safe food in the marketplace? You know that without these monitoring programs, little of the food you buy would be safe to eat. You take a moment to think about those imported foods. How much would you buy and prepare if it came from Asian countries, and if it were not properly inspected? But with all that said, consider there is still need for more and stricter inspection regulations. Beef undergoes perhaps the most restricted inspections. That’s because there are inspectors in every meat-processing facility that is licensed to operate. But our own government officials say there is a need for more and better food inspection service.

That’s Agri View for today. I’m Everett Griner.