Country of Origin Labeling Choice

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Everett Griner talks about COOL having its advantages in today’s Agri View.

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Well where do we go from here? Producers can’t get Congressional approval for COOL. That’s Country of Origin Labeling. So you can’t tell where your food comes from, and it does make a difference. Look what happened back in late summer. An outbreak of Hepatitis resulted in some serious problems. Eight states. Problems with strawberries. Imported strawberries. While the domestic crop was available, nobody in eight states could distinguish between homegrown and imported. But, their other problem is, domestic growers found a strong challenge from imported crops that made thousands sick. Now my intent with this report is to show that there is good reason to have COOL, Country of Origin Labeling, in or supermarkets and grocery stores. It gives us a vital choice.

That’s Agri View for today, I’m Everett Griner.

From: USDA

Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) is a labeling law that requires retailers, such as full-line grocery stores, supermarkets and club warehouse stores, to notify their customers with information regarding the source of certain foods. Food products covered by the law include muscle cut and ground meats: lamb, goat, and chicken; wild and farm-raised fish and shellfish; fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables; peanuts, pecans, and macadamia nuts; and ginseng.

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