Peanut Stocks and Processing Report

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From Tyron Spearman’s Peanut Marketing News:

millennialUSDA’s Peanut Stocks and Processing Report was released September 29, 2016 for the month of August 2016, the 1st month of the new marketing year.

Peanut stocks in commercial storage as of August 31, 2016 totaled 1.25 billion pounds equivalent farmer stock, compared to 1.46 billion pounds last year, DOWN 14.4%. This total includes 365 million pounds of actual farmer stock, down 1.3% from last year. Shelled peanuts on hand farmer stock equivalent totaled 573 million pounds, DOWN 18.4%. Roasted stocks were 19.5 million pounds, DOWN 69% from same month last year.

Total shelled peanut stocks showed 431 million pounds, UP 18.4% with edible grades reaching 385million pounds, 24.4% more than last year. Oil stocks totaled 45.8 million pounds, 140.3% MORE than one year ago.

Edible stocks of shelled peanuts by type, Virginia & Valencia stocks are at 67.9 million pounds10% more than last year. Runners were 301 million pounds, DOWN 28.8% and Spanish totaled 16.7 million lbs, DOWN 30.4% from last year.

In August, shellers milled 341 million pounds, DOWN 16.2% from August last year. Commercial processors used 211 million pounds of shelled edible peanuts, 15.3% MORE than last August.

Government purchases for Nutrition Programs in June totaled 3.24 million lbs of peanut butter, down 2.8%, and 51,840 pounds of roasted nuts, 100.3% more than last year in August. For the 1st month period, government purchases are DOWN only 1.98% compared to last year.

August was a fantastic month for peanuts and peanut butter. Except for in-shells, all other categories were positive with peanut candy up 18.5% and peanut butter up an amazing 13.7%. Overall, raw shelled peanuts were up 12% and if that keeps up for the year, peanut supplies will get tighter in the domestic market. Raw peanuts continue to be a reasonable ingredient and the healthy message is getting to consumers.