Honeybee Problem Identified?

Dan Agri View, Environment

honeybeeEverett Griner talks about research possibly finding the problem for the honeybee issue in today’s Agri View.

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The study of the honeybee problem seems to have hit a dead end. Actually, there is more research going on now than ever. But, what I am reading now seems to indicate that chemicals and the Varroa Mite are the main problems. No, the search will not end until a solution is found. One university team has almost said that the poison is the problem. Now, this is new. There is some kind of device that can remove the mite from the bee as it crawls through the hive. Then the bee eats the mite. I don’t know about that but it may help with the Varroa Mite problem. As food production demand increases the honeybee becomes more critical. Other pollinators collect just enough for their own needs. That tells you how valuable the honeybee really is.