Peanuts Being Shipped to Haiti

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USA and Haiti FlagsThe government is taking some of the peanuts forfeited to the Commodity Credit Corporation, processing them into 500 MT of packaged dry roasted peanuts grown in the U.S. and now being shipped to Haiti. Tyron Spearman has more.

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From: USDA

USDA Provides Nutritious U.S. Peanuts in Humanitarian Effort for Haiti

Haiti“Working for peanuts” is a phrase typically used when someone is toiling for little reward. But when describing the activities of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), a far better phrase is “working with peanuts,” especially when referring to the agreement recently reached by USDA to provide this nutritional commodity to a neighboring nation in great need, the Republic of Haiti.

USDA crafted a deal that will result in 500 metric tons of packaged, dry-roasted peanuts grown in the United States to be shipped later this year to school children in Haiti who have little access to food. This effort stems from the “Stocks for Food” program that first started in late 2007, a joint project between the Farm Service Agency (FSA), Foreign Agricultural Services (FAS) and Food and Nutrition Services (FNS) that transfers surplus farm commodities in government inventory to feeding programs and food banks both domestically and overseas.

Read the full post by Sandra Wood, Deputy Administrator for Commodity Operations, USDA Farm Service Agency.