Georgia Watermelon Association Dedicates $90,000 for 2015 Marketing Program

Randall Weiseman Georgia, Industry News Release, Specialty Crops

From the Georgia Watermelon Association:

ga-watermelon-assocThe Georgia Watermelon Association (GWA) recently announced plans to dedicate more than $90,000 to a strategic marketing program during the 2015 watermelon season. The program will have a fourfold approach using billboards, television programming, in-store marketing, and social media promotions and anticipates reaching millions across the state with the message to eat more Georgia Grown watermelon.

In partnership with the Georgia Department of Agriculture’s marketing arm, Georgia Grown, the promotion the billboard campaign will include digital and static posters placed throughout metro Atlanta from mid-May to mid-July. With prime locations across major Atlanta interstates and highways, these billboards, highlighting tasty watermelon with the Georgia Grown logo, will produce impressions numbered in the millions. Starting promotion in May will allow the association to promote watermelon as a summertime staple. Through building anticipation prior to the Georgia watermelon season, and focusing on the promotions during the season in Atlanta, GWA plans to make an impact on watermelon sales this summer.

In-store promotions have always been a big part of the Georgia Watermelon Association marketing effort through the use of the Georgia Watermelon Queen. The Georgia Watermelon Queen is an annually elected role, chosen by the GWA to promote the healthy benefits of watermelon and Georgia’s watermelon industry during the course of the year. This year the GWA plans to amp up their in-store presence more than ever by adding at-shelf advertising in 250 grocery stores across the state. Recipes and serving ideas will be at the core of the in-store promotions with the hopes to promote sales.

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In addition to these and other traditional promotional techniques like television ads, the GWA advertising program will also include a targeted social media campaign to influence consumer engagement. “We know it is important to use a combination of in-store marketing with traditional media and social media marketing to reach and remind all kinds of consumers to add Georgia watermelon as a weekly staple in their grocery list,” said Samantha Kilgore, GWA Assistant Executive Director.

The GWA’s message to encourage consumers to buy locally grown produce aligns perfectly with Georgia Grown and they will be recognized through logo placement in all advertisements. The GWA believes this partnership will help consumers quickly recognize Georgia Grown watermelons in the store.