Dept of Citrus Move to FDACS in Bartow Proposed to Save Money

Gary Cooper Citrus, Florida

FDOC Exec Director Ken Keck In these reports, several cuts from our raw interview with Florida Department of Citrus Executive Director Ken Keck, (left) Sen J D Alexander discussing the proposed move of FDOC Headquarters to the Bob Crawford Agricultural Center in Bartow. AgNet’s Ernie Neff (right) caught up Ernie Neff, Editor of Citrus Industry Magazine, is also a citrus reporter for Southeast AgNet Radio Networkwith Keck about it late Thursday afternoon. In cut one, Keck explains the background of the legislative proposal made by Senator J D ALexander (center) this week in Tallahassee. Cut two: The timeline and possible impacts if the proposal is approved as presented. And in the third cut, Keck speaks historically about FDOC’s 50-plus year location in Lakeland, compared to the newer facility in Bartow.