Paul E. Sumner Earns Donnie H. Morris Award

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Paul E. Sumner Earns Donnie H. Morris Award of Excellence in Extension
Engineering in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Science at The University of Georgia. This award was established by the Georgia Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association to recognize University of Georgia Cooperative Extension personnel for their important contribution to Georgia fruit and vegetable operations. Individuals eligible for this award must be nominated by a grower member of GFVGA.

Sumner, who has worked at the University of Georgia since 1978, earned both his B.S. and M.S. in Agricultural Engineering from the University of Georgia. Over the course of his career with the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension, Sumner has assisted numerous county extension agents and their clients with facility designs, the selection of correct chemical application equipment and calibration and the procedures for cooling and drying crops.

Sumner’s public service and outreach programs include reducing gas emissions in commercial vegetable production, increasing

chemical application deposition with pecan air blast sprayers, and
efficient application of agricultural pesticides.

Some of Sumner’s other honors include the Walter Barnard Hill Award for Distinguished Achievement in University Public Service and Outreach, The Blue Ribbon Extension Communications Award, the Award for Excellence for Senior Scientist and numerous Blue Ribbon Awards for Publications.

Other awards honoring Sumner include the Silver Beaver Award from the Southwest Council of Boy Scouts of America, Excellence in Tobacco Education Programming from Berrien County Extension Service and Outstanding Young Men of America.

The Donnie H. Morris Award of Excellence in Extension award, previously known as the Extension Award of Excellence, was renamed for the late Donnie Morris who was a leader in the Georgia fruit and vegetable ¬industry and an enthusiastic supporter of GFVGA and UGA Cooperative Extension. He was a pioneer in the Georgia blueberry industry, an innovator with his company and a man of great character.

For more information, please contact Charles Hall, Executive Director, Georgia Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association, phone 706-845-9085 or e-mail