FL Leg. Update: Child Waivers & Fertilizer Applicator Certifications

Gary Cooper Florida

There are some updates available on bills in the Florida Legislature dealing with fertilizer training, testing and applicator certifications, and child liability waivers. See the details below:

House Bill 1515 Sponsored by Representative Dave Murzin requires DEP, DACS, and IFAS/UF to review and approve training and testing materials and it also requires specified certification for fertilizer applicators. The bill went before the Civil Justice and Courts Policy Committee Friday, March 27th and it was quickly passed with no opposition. This is the second committee the bill has been to, it was passed last week in the Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee with a 15 to 1 vote. It is scheduled next to go before the General Policy Council Chaired by Baxter Troutman.

House Bill 363 Sponsored by Representative Mike Horner on parental authority: overturns the Florida Supreme Court’s decision in Kirton v. Fields which nullifies parental waivers for minor children. It affects shooting sports, rodeos, farm tours, and all other activities where minor releases are required for participation. It was scheduled to go before the General Government Policy Council; Chair Baxter Troutman withdrew it from his committee making HB 363 ready to go to the House floor. Senate Bill 886 Sponsored by Senator Steve Oelrich was temporarily postponed by the Judiciary Committee and is scheduled to be heard next week.